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“ForCrewOnly” was created exclusively for you, the hard working crew on ocean-going cruise ships with the sole aim to simplify your lives, give you time back in your busy schedules and provide you with an easy to use booking tool with access to an array of shopping items that cover your day to day needs. 

Our Offer

Our goal is always to create and have available for you items that may often be taken for granted. Simply put we want to take the hassle out of purchasing basic day to day items that are not always accessible for you when on board and can be a drain on your valuable time when you have the opportunity to get ashore.

Our Promise

We believe your time is a priceless commodity and that’s why we want to give it back to you. We’re committed to offering a range of high-quality products at great prices so you can shop online with ease in the knowledge that your products ordered are waiting for you at your port of call.  A simple and fast way to get what you need when you need it.

Your time back

By selling exclusively online and delivery direct to the port, ForCrewOnly skips the need for you to take valuable time out of your shore side day looking and shopping for products. By simply having a one stop shop for what you need and by being able to pick up your order directly in the port means more time for you to do the more important things in life. Enjoy!

“Allowing us to do the shopping while you are focused on taking care of passengers or simply enjoying your time off, seems so simple, yet this can be a real chore for so many crew members today. I have more than 30 years’ experience within the cruise industry and my dedicated team understand exactly how the crew can struggle to make the most of their time in each port.

I met a wonderful server onboard and she was in desperate need for some cold flu medicine. Unfortunately, she was not able to get off the ship to get exactly what she needed. She then went on to further explain that she had to take a cab ride for 30 minutes and then there was no guarantee the item she needed would even be in stock.

Right then, at that moment, I realized there was a need to help her and create a service that would improve the lives for all crew members, whether that was peace of mind or simply more leisure time.”

Founder, Crew Only